Topic 75 China Belt & Road

Our research has shown the importance of the improvements in export earnings for all economies during the current global recession.

In particular, the UK, European and USA economies have initiated major export drives to Asia.

In Singapore, the government is supporting a major drive to improve the exports of Small-to-Medium (("SME") enterprises, in particular to the ASEAN region.

Of significant concern globally is the China Belt & Road initiative.

At Amplios, we use our Future Studies tools to quickly and economically conduct research into the risks and opportunities related to investment of time and money into developing export capabilities in particular locations in particular industries. Our export markets development approach for this topic has identified 10 areas for consideration. These are detailed in our page links as follows:

  1. IIMA View

  2. Lowy Institute

  3. Singapore View

  4. Thailand View

  5. Opportunity & Risk

  6. Game Changer

  7. Middle East

  8. Europe Impact

  9. NU Singapore

  10. Japan View

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The China Belt & Road is one of the most important global initiatives..

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