Topic 121_01 - OECD Research

Learning Instruction

The learning messages for this step are derived from the research document shown in the Research Gallery opposite. You may open a copy of the document by clicking on the image.

Please read the first 10 pages of the document. Our aim here is to prepare you to recognize future issues and events which an investor would need to consider before investing significant time & money for development of an investment strategy for this topic.

Future Investment Issues Identification

There are many research papers published on the Internet which are of interest to investors in particular topics (such as online retail) in particular locations (such as New York).

To register the future investment issues in our copyright Amplios database, we identify the issues with our copyright text analytics. For example, an issue may be “online grocery spending”.

Such an issue will appear in our Test of Understanding Quiz as “An investor in this particular topic should consider online grocery spending”.

An example of future issue identification for this particular document is shown in the image below.

Test of Understanding Quiz

Once you have completed the document reading, please participate in the Test of Understanding Quiz below.

Research Gallery